7 October 2011

Mixed deadening emotions

Smells- Abah- Connection: abah used to smell like this : original odour.. no perfume, cigarette, fishy during afternoon towards night.. I can smell it without no complaints nor disgust even if nature decided to have half year days and half year nights.. Then it comes the dicken period, where he anomalously transformed and i can do nothing but fighting those confusing, repugnant, asshole, agonizing time that virtually explain everything. Then no more cunning around him  and i lost the absurdity of admiring him.. Then i have rashes on my body..Then we're all drowned in the pestilence, Then he just busted.. Then there comes  the ho-hum. now here we are..  Im asking you.. to stop killing..now i can see where the rashes came from.. Those alien new things can't survive in our habitat.. u messed up!  clean it up.. and i might sing with you again.

YOU: Hey it ain't me no more aite? perhaps it was never be me..This thoughts is rigorously freaking me out. Seems like my soul has roaming to your territory for so long and it's no more pristine. Feels like i'm so fluffy but i'm scrawney.. You're not to be blamed.. i'm smitten over your words since that very dreamy day..  Shame on me for weeping in grievance. And fuck that i've been crawling day to day composing yucky phrases as if you are dying for me. It's aching that i have to realize it this harsh.. I've reeled in so bad that made me a complete loser..Shit im spoony. Repulsively moron things to brag. No worries. I'll be resilient and flat.. i give you one evidence of my stupidity. It was something i scratched on my note pad even after all of those fucked up days :

Today, you're wearing that - my favorite shirt of yours and it's crazy that you're matching my color . But your piercing gaze says ' I'm pushing you away'.. and frankly i shouldn't be pampered.So scold me, that would be nice. Oh  DANG! i forgot we're nobody to each other. Word.

 # and this one was my provoke towards other man that easily fooled by girls.. surprisingly at the very same page

Boys- smitten like a death cold ice vowing for the sun. No pride, trading his throne to the fake tanned skin.

*My alibi my ass*

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