15 October 2011


chain of merriments,
made the hatred seems shallow,
the lust too bitter,
and failure ..never heard about

love that you've spent together,
who have been on your bed for decades,
who caused u made your own kinsmen
orbed your entire emotions
twinned your heart,
the one that you are planning  to grow old with

 a day that you never wish to come,
when they just took it all, like you never there
agony that in the state of the biggest failure to omit
and you are losing you're second devout

no one scarcely would help
not even one creature make sense to you
elevating your soul to nullity
even a second feels so long and quite ,
it's platitude,

When you owned a kingdom,
and lost the remarkable epic in between those weary beats
you're now nothing in just one dictum
They penetrated all your hidden and exposed,
you're thrown in the flaming abyss,

a friend of mine,
who i rarely saw you weeping,
hush and stand still,
i command the sorrows to be leaving!

i'm scared of you, of the truth, of the sound , of not having a choice
it seems like i've been challenged,
and we're at the war field,
 u, me, and those scary tall, white wall,
i wish to run from your tears,
i wish all the liquids in your body frozen,
then crumbled to nothingness,

i wish that my future life-mate not to leave before i did
not to be plundered as i don't owned him
i wish that every time i'm looking back,
he still there to be embraced,
Every time i hunger for his  kiss,
it will be literally his ,
not a stone on the ground with the thoughts of him rotting within it,

i'm measuring your grievance,
and the numbers, just too much  to be real

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