26 September 2011

Lazy not

I always write my emotions everywhere but now i wanna learn to preserve it.. I have no clear reasons for that, i just gotta do it.. and make it to the point of satisfaction with my closest nonchalant  best friend Ms. Lazy Bump. So here we go.. This is some of my random emotions that scratched on my blue paper writing pad that hated by Mrs. Samsiah.. Now that it's in my blog.. i bet the tendency of losing it can be reduced.

Cocky : I used to alienated the spring, the summer, the wet grass, the moon, the rain, the day and night, even sometimes my music , as i thought that i have someone to be in love with.

BODO: When the moon still toiling his glaze , and the sun just lazy to blaze, when you just smile slightly, and got me now kissing the wind, as i'm dust already

Oddey Odd odd:  When you're outta my sight, i wanna cross the endless sea just to be closer and listen to our craps. Now that you're here, I'm doubting and judging like I'm too good to be true.. Faint!! again.. Faint!

Ordinary : I wanna do things i never do with you, and make it ordinary..

Smitten : Heaven smells, Awesome English, fresh air, black roses,Gibson, unfinished money,high class vacation, beauty and wisdom.. I'm over it! I just want to be  close to you. HELL!

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