6 March 2012

Gotta Say Review

I got myself paused by reading the book till the end as I was pissed. So I took the liberty of writing a review about this book, whereas some part of me just fully tortured and flooded by the feeling of guilt for not doing any review about other great reading materials like stuffs by Sufian Abas, Mimi, Arenawati, Agatha Christie, Latiff Mohiddin and alot more that kept me insane throughout the heavenly phrases. Sorry peeps. Hell yeah I'm lazy and emotional. But I am talking about a book that is written by an over-pampered guy that never learn anything from his life  and decided to solve it in the most irrelevant way! Well I understand the unstoppable affection towards anything that wears skirt under the sun when it comes to men. It somehow portrayed how manly they are (regardless the fact that by the end of the day it is going to be pointless to be so manly if you did not walking on the ground! ) . It's not like I'm fine with it , as I truly aware that a women in love, the one that passionately in love can be as jealous as a sin. Okay I kinda lost what I'm trying to say hence the anger resides slowly, but! Hey, Angus, I know you can be such a great lover. Sober! But you just put yourself into the helplessness of the alcoholics instead of bursting out the tantrums and learn from it. Well I know you are wise but just less resilience, and you SHOULD BE! a great lover are those who are born resilience, those who will never lose faith and running out of love! You just make everything so topsy -turvy and wake up by making another mountain of mistakes. The next day you hewing it and let the mountain fall on you. I Know I sounds like I'm trying to tell you what to do but I'm not. It's just you are being so offensive for having a totally cool side of a man and the disaster side. You are just too lazy to think. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE ANGUS! I love it when you talk about Fay and how you love the all sides of her? Yes, that's my man! I do believe that a bad guy who will only good deeds to the right girl is a great guy. Nobody's perfect. But you have became so menacing throughout your words, and it pissed me off and I'm sure that you too feels like nothing but an unworthy debris?? Well this can be just about an offensive 'Who knows whether it's real or fake' * rolled eyes* story, but the usual and normal after reading's feeling of waking up jauntily the next day is just a NO NO. Maybe It is not really a suitable reading material for women, but Hey! No! it is you that being so offensive. Maybe this hormonal imbalance of me lately that have put me into this effing action of writing a review about you so early in the morning. You're NO AWESOME POSUM. It is not the extra-sensitive me. Well who knows? and who cares? And I need to sleep to the loudest thunder again, just like a dead body after this.


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