1 March 2012

Biologically Weird

I remember my first music box,
The one that you put the picture of you with your weird blue coat?
and with the mark of your blood on the glass,
Yah the 9th birthday gift that you kept on saying that you want me to remember this forever?

I remember sitting on your shoulder while we walk through the darkness after  your badminton games

 I remember the smell of your sweat and cigarette when we are riding the motorcycle to the river

That day when you cried once I admitted that I stole those matches from our shop?

All them scout's rule  and ghost stories?

Now you still look like that black guy that I always wanna be like,
But with a chest stuffed with proud,
Bigger muscles and more smokes,
Smirking, thinner fortitude

weird thou,
You've became that hurtful like magic

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