5 December 2011


Having a night class is always a bad idea. It is not like i hate the class, it is just the unstoppable rain that too heavenly to be wide awake and the piercing air-cond that froze my tired grey cell , the wet grasses make my 40 minutes well-spent time in shower seems to be pointless, restless emotion watching *you do not have to know what*, the fact that i have presented and so did those who i want to see them presenting make the tendency of my attention will stray away from my body as high as a kite increases. Having another art assignment that excites me and the thoughts that I will never get the way they think and how awful they treated others and how confident they are that they have treated people so well totally and always surprise me. They even think I'm weird. Dude. rainy days like this are suitable for music, love and art, and my father don't own this university or any other. On my way back to the hostel, my mind stuffed with the imagination of i can have something hot and soupy even if i knew that i will go back, online and fall asleep. There were other students that have replacement class rustling here and there neglecting the rain.  Fail to compromise? Understandable. Then i saw one guy moving slowly and helplessly and he doesn't look like he have much choices. He's using wheelchair and no one helping him and it was raining like hell. I know there are no path for people like him linked to the covered walkway from that block. So again! All this walkway are not practical enough. Is this the best we deserve? Is this the best HE deserve? He's pushing himself under the not so shady trees at the dark parking lot. I mean if i do kardio double the normal session and bragging about my feet get dirty and he have to face that coldness literally. cold night, cold friends i suppose. I wrote a song about how cold these nights are and how impossible not to miss you.. Ok that sounds yuck now. Now i feel so focus and it's the afterclass. I hope that he reach his hostel safely.. No fever no no.And to this 'Not my Abah's Uni'. Dude!.

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