4 September 2011

Cole Donald Jackson

My deepest gratitude:
for your fables,
for the prayers,
for never giving up on me,
for the love,
for the tears you shed out of your thoughts about me,
for elucidating all my so-called conundrums,
for linger around every time,
for the sequence of jokes,
for the  exaltation that leaded me to another miles of ripeness,
for the shelter,
for giving me a mom,
for marrying a lovely angle called 'Mageratte'
for raising my lovely aunts and uncles,
for giving me a concrete reason to holding on to my senses,

And with no shame, I'm sorry 

for the wrongdoings,
for not knowing,
for making you worry,
and if there's any violation I've scratched upon your heart 
as I'm just an ignoramus bourgeois 
that made my self a king with lowliness ,

Let me kiss your hand and captivate you in my soul
as a guiding star in my darkest nights.
hey.. just stay okay :)

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