20 August 2011


I wanted to just wish you two on your FB's wall.. ended up as a poem, then turn out to a so-called- song, try to make an energetic one, but ended up sounds more like a lullaby.. hoho.. this is just for fun.. Hopefully three of you will have a remarkable trip to Japan OKE?? first of, forgive my bad voice.. belum baik demam bah! and the song might be abominable when you're in a bad mood. Mind the video also.. took it by my ancient cell phone.. I'll buy Lomocam one day! don't worry! So here we go :

Does it cold where you stand?
Do you want me to be there hun?
This spaces feels numpty in a different way

You're heading somewhere far,
ponder me thrill and worry,
But you go walk out that chamber,
and make some smirchy  buddy,

I know you're out there doing something good,
In the other side of the world,
Where the sun goes down so slow,
Just go do it right,
and come back to our gang,
May God hold you in  the hollow of his hand,

Kick off all those weary
Go grab some japanese hottie
Just in case mojo burst out,
curse him to cubicle, put him in your pocket
and bring home as something you bought

Come back and hold me,
Come back in one piece only,
Then tell us the fairy tale,
You'll  mark some unforgotten lore baby!

hahaha my language sucks. I have a numinous instinct that it sucks, obiter... yadayadayada... Good Luck guys.. Have fun! Lots of love


  1. jimah!!! i so love it!!! im a big fan of yours!!! thanx so much!!!! *wink* <3... the language is nice dont worry about it! fantastic

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    1. The melody memang sucky sucky suck suck! Aku baru tengok semula. Rasa macam tidak ikhlas pulak kan Cheng, It's better be a poem. Only a poem. Kick the numpty melody out!